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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grand-daughter Michaella Coe

Hi , It's me again
  One week ago, I put a post on F.B. about my grand-daughter Michaella and her battle with cancer.  After the last two and a half years of this, we lost her a few minutes past midnight Monday morning .  We are all very sad--but her suffering is over, and this beautiful girl is now in a much better place. And for that , we celebrate her love of life and the inspiration she showed all of us all the time.
  If you have seen my F.B. page of last week, you know that I had written and recorded a song about Michaella entitled "Walking With an Angel".  It is available on CDBaby and iTunes as well as other sites.
  As I stated last week, whatever monies this song may generate, I am going to donate the majority of the proceeds to cancer research [i.e.] Wilms tumor, the specific disease that took her life. I will disclose this information as it becomes available to me.
  Thank you all for your kind comments this past week.
  Her CELEBRATION is to be held this coming Saturday March 1st. at "The Vineyard" in Garden City.  Heaven is also celebrating with us, for that night is a New Moon!
  Thanks again for your support--may God bless.
                                                                              Later, Charlie