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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sorry for not posting stuff lately. But like all of us we all have crises in our lives from time to time.  I have been reluctant to share a part of my personal life with you--but now I believe I should.                   Our 10 year old grand-daughter,we call her Lula, was struck with a rare form of cancer.
Our entire family has been on a roller coaster ride of terror ever since. Through it all, Lula has persevered with great courage, dignity, optimism, and a tremendous amount of strength and compassion for those of us who have been blessed with her love.                                                                                                                                            
  The situation is on going---the prognosis-unknown.  There is much more to tell.                                                                                                                                                          
  Her ordeal has been chronicled on Facebook, and I will get that to you soon.  There is a saying going around----Hope for the best , Prepare for the worst.  I have changed it.  Hope for the best , and it will happen.
  I told my wife Julie awhile back that we would be there to see Lula graduate from college---
I meant it.
   Take care, be safe. Will get back with you soon and keep on cruisin' your main streets.

   My best, Charlie                                          


  1. Charlie, my heart is aching as I read this. Our son had a rare cancer as an infant; he had surgery and has had a lifetime of followups of all kinds, but has been blessed with great health and today is 26 and a wonderful, successful young man. This is what I am praying right now for Lula. I know the heartache you are all experiencing. My prayers are with each one of you, that the Lord will put His healing hands on Lula and make her whole again. Please let us know how she does.
    Lesley Clack

  2. Having been a long time Raider fan and having met you many years ago, I read this with great sadness and hope you know many well wishes are being sent Lula's way ~~Terri D'Talia.

  3. Thanks for letting us know so we can pray for Lula and your entire family.

  4. Here is the link to Lula's FB page- let's all send her a big prayer and best of wishes!