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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Joplin, Portland, and Corona del Mar

“Joplin, Portland, and Corona del Mar”
(Charlie Coe Music, LLC™)

In my first song, to be released on July 6, 2013, I specifically pay homage to a few key cities in the US. The reasons will become clear in the song, but for now I want to mention my personal connection with three of the locations.

Raiders fans will remember the iconic cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ REVOLUTION album, my first album cover with the Raiders, released in 1967 and photographed on the front porch of an antebellum mansion in Joplin, Missouri. The Raiders played in Joplin once while I was in the group,  and the southern hospitality we received there was memorable. Part of our American identity is associated with the famous US66 “Route 66” that passes directly through the center of Joplin.

I was born in Portland, Oregon, … long, long ago, and far, far away … well actually not so far away, since I still live in the Northwest, and have family in Portland. It’s a great town with a unique music, food and wine culture, and its just plain cool. The other great 60’s band I joined, Don and the Goodtimes was based there. I frequently visit Portland and will always consider it a second home.

When my wife attended a reunion of her Corona del Mar High School Class of 1971, she exposed me to the surfing culture of the home of “Hobie” boards, landmarks like Little Corona, the Newport Pavilion, the Wedge, and the endless sand of Huntington Beach. And I saw that despite 35 years in Idaho, life “at the beach” would always be in her blood. All roads lead to Pacific Coast Highway, the artery of the Southern California coast, where Ferrari and Porsche dealerships have replaced the site of the original Chart House, the best breakfasts could be found at Coco’s (until March of 2013), and the world’s greatest cars have always been seen cruising up and down PCH, with or without surfboards.

… great traditions never change.

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