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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well, Gadzooks!
   I've finally started on my next song--ok-ok , hold down the cheers and salutations!
I wasn't in the frame of mind to create anything--  I  even tried to draw a stick horse but I couldn't get the tail to look quite right. so I quit that too.  I was in pretty bad shape there for about 3 months, but now I feel I can start with my music again-Whew!
I would like to tell all of you that I recorded in the ''Garage Band'' format several of my songs in the last 2 years.  I did what I considered rough drafts of these 8 songs so I could think about what I really wanted each one of them to sound like and be comfortable about releasing them for your enjoyment and my amazement.  I have 5 more that were recorded several years before and that I intend to include in the forthcoming album.
  As stated before I lost about 3 months of work--it is now the time to get going.  However, with the upcoming holidays, it probably won't proceed as fast as I would like.  Oh well, that's showbiz!
  Keep on cruisin' kiddos --be safe
                My best,Charlie

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