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Monday, November 11, 2013

your thoughts about my songs

Well, this one might scramble some of your brains.
  Last week I announced I was starting a new song.  Then after I thought about it, I decided to do something kind of weird.  My 1st. song out there,'' Main Streets U.S. of A'', I received a lot of feedback by close friends -- most of them excellent local musicians --AND THEY LIKED IT!  However, they also had different reasons.  Some thought the lyric was great -some liked the overall arrangement and production-and a lot of them  thought the narrative  (about the different cities) at the end of the song was cool and very creative.
  NOW, since I have begun my 2nd. piece, it occurred to me that those of you out there that I really don't know --what did you like about ''Mn.St.U.S.ofA.''?   Now I don't need tons of lengthy thoughts, I wouldn't be able to read them all.  So maybe a short note from some of you out there would be great!
 I would like to know so I could maybe get a solid feel on how I can proceed with my second and forthcoming other songs.  It's always good to know what your audience likes and wants!
  Keep on crusin'                                                                                                                                                          
                             My best, Charlie  


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